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To better accommodate people's financial needs during the pandemic, our course is discounted to $27, or about 30% off with code "Take30"

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Video Call Complete Masterclass - $45

Get instant access to our four advanced lessons
(an additional half-hour of content, plus 2X the donation we'll make on your behalf)

  • 1. White Boarding with a crowded room of people, or using tools other than Zoom's default for VERY high-quality whiteboarding!

2. Improv Studio Lighting with stuff you already have around the house

3. Automated Note TakingFree Transcriptions of Your Calls

4. Using your phone as an ultra-high-quality webcam

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The Video Call Academy

(Prestigious-sounding, I know. But honestly it's more of a mini-course. We won't give you a diploma. On the bright side, no student debt!)

Instant Access Course Contents:

Immediate Access To "Video Call On The Job Training" (OJT) AND our Masterclass if you buy that, too.
OJT includes four separate lessons you can watch in less time than your to-go dinner order takes to arrive:

1. Common mistakes everyone is making with their wifi router location, bandwidth, latency, and unnecessary connections from other devices in your household that cause video call issues.

2. Lighting: How to leverage windows, lamps, and objects you already have around your house to make your laptop webcam look like a studio broadcast.

3. Composition: How to make your surroundings compliment you, narrow down visual distractions, and help people focus on YOU.

4. Zoom Power Use Pro Tips: Everything you need to know about the most popular video conferencing software in 2020 to get the most out of your calls and navigate like a seasoned pro.

Our $45 Masterclass includes these additional lessons: Whiteboarding,
Note Taking & Transcribing,
Streaming HD Video from your Phone to your Computer,
Building A Studio From Lights You Have Around The House

Video Call Masterclass$39

  • Total payment
  • 1xVideo Call Masterclass$39

All prices in USD

At Lander we do profitable marketing and we know and practice the power of investing to generate powerful compounding returns. 

We're donating a percentage of all proceeds to MRelief which provides services that help people sign up for government assistance like food stamps and unemployment and provides an astounding 114x return on dollars donated. Effectively, governments match your donation. This simply means every $1 donated to MRelief results in $114 dollars of direct support to people in need. We encourage you to make data-based donations as well. We'll include a direct link to donate more if you'd like in your email after checkout.