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  • We'll ask questions to better understand your project, your mission, your values & principles, and your goals both long and short term.

  • You won't actually get to go to space (yet)

  • Through conversation, we'll all begin to better understand your organization's current relationships with all stakeholders: clients, contractors, investors, board members, customers, employees, and audience.

  • We'll work to understand your current blockers, define your goals (S.M.A.R.T. ones), and discuss a baseline from which we will all work to evaluate results.

  • STEP 1 - We'll schedule a 30-minute call ideally in the next two weeks, at maximum within the month.

  • STEP 2 - We'll schedule an hour-long call a week later. Both CEO & Marketing Director (or equivalents) should be invited to attend all calls for maximum benefit. In the week between, the Lander team will work through note-taking, diligence, and research.

  • STEP 3 - We'll deliver your final customized Lander Astronaut Training Manual, and schedule an hour Astronaut Training Manual walkthrough screen sharing call where we present how we can best work together going forward, and our thoughts on ideal timing and best format for that next step.

  • In summary: You're buying 1 Month of research, 3 Calls, and complete clarity on relevant opportunities from the latest marketing best practices and suggested next steps.

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